For Homeowners / Individuals

The health and well being of you and your family is surely invaluable. It may be utterly impossible to show a return on investments made in the indoor environmental quality of your home, but for many people this is the smartest and most important way for them to invest in their homes. Reduced sick days and increased energy do have some economic value, but the value of reduced potential for catastrophic illnesses cannot be quantified.

When it comes to the economics of ‘going green’ no one is in a position to benefit more than homeowners. Various stimulus programs are available to help homeowners put their tax money to work. There are the 30% energy efficiency and renewable energy tax credits on the federal side and state and local benefits of various intent in almost every jurisdiction in America. To see what incentives are available in your area see click here.

A great example of how homeowners can earn green by ‘going green’ is our Super Solar Stimulus package in Montgomery County, Maryland. Here, as in other jurisdictions, KGC Development offers a package of solar electric and solar hot water systems that together cost $25,000 and qualify for $18,500 worth of grants and tax credits. The incentive adjusted price is only $6,500, 74% off, which means it pays for itself in less than three years.

If you finance, with 20% down, $5,000, you get the $18,500 in incentives immediately. Then your monthly payment would be about $80 while producing an average of around $80 per month in energy and more than $50 per month in Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), giving you a net monthly benefit on top of the immediate cash flow benefits of financing. With the stock and real estate markets still shaky and such a high return for ‘going green’ the question is how can you afford to continue to let your tax dollars go to waste. Contact us today, or click here, so we can help you find the best way for you to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.