For Developers


Providing consulting services to developers is KGC Development’s core competency, what we do best. We bring our project life-cycle perspective to the execution of tasks from project feasibility analysis, design, and permitting to land development, building, and bond release.

  • Due Diligence

When considering a potential project it is always good to have an outside perspective to play ‘devil’s advocate.’ We can provide this for builders and developers, looking for sites to place projects on, evaluating potential sites, doing market analysis, creating or reviewing pro forma financials, or simply ‘kicking the tires’ a little.

  • Planning

The planning phase is the most important phase of development. It is at this point that the critical decisions are made that will ultimately spell the fate of the project. An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure, for developers this means investing in a good comprehensive plan will set the stage for a successful development. Beyond just avoiding needless expenses and mistakes, a good plan can create value by shaping a place where people want to be. This can help persuade the regulators to work with you to help bring the project to fruition.

  • Contract Services

We can write, review, or negotiate your contracts for you. We bring our interdisciplinary perspective, particularly an understanding of construction and the law together, allowing us to help you structure your contracts to limit the amount and costs of downtime, mobilizations, change orders and so on. Most contractors bid at breakeven or just above to secure competitive contracts, and then look to make their profit on high margin change orders. Avoiding change orders can be critical to stay on budget. We are able to provide our customers more perspective for far less than real estate lawyers who have generally never stepped foot on a job site and charge upwards of $400/hr to review contracts, practically defeating the purpose.

  • Construction Management

Getting it right the first time is easier said than done in construction. That is a big part of the reason construction and demolition waste account for a staggering 25-40% of the total waste sent to landfills in America (1). Reducing waste by proactively coordinating across disciplines is not only an easy way to make a dramatic environmental impact, but also a cheap and easy way to save money for the developer by reducing material costs, change orders, and most importantly, time lost to finger pointing, downtime and the associated finance costs.

  • Budgeting and Scheduling

Budgeting is very important and often consumes many valuable hours. We can help you work smarter not harder by creating a customized budgeting program that would take historical data and come up with a macro that will take raw data per your specifications and generate budget information instantly. It can take into account location, cost of capital, time of year, commodity prices, legal, administrative, and just about anything else you want to consider. We can take off the shelf software to build a custom program for your company. This same process of taking historical data to come up with estimates can be applied to accounting or schedules.

  • LEED Certification Consulting

For builders/developers going for LEED certification, we can provide consulting from the planning phase, which we recommend, all the way to inspections.